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Style guide about techno.

on 12 oktober 2016 Videos with 0 comments

I recommend watching this if you like to know about the history of techno in 15 min. Also some nice tips about producing towards the end of this video.

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Very useful animated gifs about Ableton’s shortcuts:

on 5 oktober 2016 Algemeen, Links with 0 comments

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An article about dj’s and depression.

on 5 september 2016 Algemeen with 0 comments

read more about the BBC 3 article about dj’s and depression:

Great tutorial about Ableton’s Sampler (with tips and tricks)

on 7 juni 2016 Tutorials, Videos with 0 comments

Great explanation about Ableton’s Sampler with tips and tricks to make your workflow with this instrument much easier.

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Cool workshop by Richie Hawtin about his live set up..

on 16 juli 2015 Algemeen, Tutorials, Videos with 0 comments

(and a lot more tips in general about dj’s etc) This is a very nice and clear workshop about Richie Hawtin’s live set up (almost wants me to go live again) and I especially like what he says at 26:18, a heads up for introverted dj’s.  

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Sampling from vinyl in Ableton

on 6 mei 2015 Algemeen, Tutorials, Videos with 0 comments

Nice tutorial about how to sample vinyl in Ableton Live

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Bax-shop blog over internationale gigs.

on 26 maart 2015 Algemeen and Tags: with 0 comments

Voor Bax shop heb ik een blog geschreven over mijn ervaringen als dj in het buitenland, wat komt daar allemaal bij kijken en wat doe je eigenlijk allemaal in zo’n weekend?

Multiple clip warping tip

on 6 januari 2015 Tutorials, Videos with 0 comments

Hi all, I found this interesting and usefull:

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10% ‘ADE’ discount! (valid until 01-11-14)

on 9 oktober 2014 kortingsacties with 0 comments

Get 10% discount if you book a session before November 1st 2014!

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Personal advice online via Skype or Face Time

on 9 oktober 2014 Algemeen with 0 comments

For customers abroad I offer the opportunity to get personal advice online via Skype, Face Time  or Google Hangout. Especially for advice on label management, how to start a label or how to promote yourself this works well. Mail for an appointment:

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