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Professional and personal customised advice for beginning and more experienced music producers. From DJ-technics and music production to managing your own label.

Technical counselling

for producing and DJ-ing

  • Ableton les
  • basics
  • arranging
  • DJ-les
  • etc.

Practical councelling

for producing and DJ-ing

  • finding your label
  • profiling
  • promotion
  • complementary information
  • etc.

Your own label

advice around setting up a label

  • planning
  • press promotion
  • promo services & feedback
  • distribution
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Label management

on request

About Esther Roozendaal

Esther Roozendaal started DJ-ing as Estroe in 1998 and has since built up an international career. In 2004, Estroe started producing electronic music. Her ambient, house and techno records were released under labels such as Connaisseur, Bedrock and Snejl. Estroe’s first album, Elemental Assets, appeared in 2010 under Connaisseur Recordings with a guest appearance by French DJ/producer Miss Kittin.

Since 2008, Esther also runs label EevoNext with Stefan Robbers where Esther’s role consists of A&R, promotion and scouting new talent matching the labels profile. Furthermore, Esther is a highly valued remixer and also hosts a monthly web radio show for Proton Radio.

Being a DJ, producer, label manager and promotor, Esther acquired the knowledge on all these aspects of her career herself. Her wide experience in the electronic music scene is invaluable, with an ever-increasing amount of requests for her expert opinion. From aspiring producers she is used to answering questions like;  ‘how to become a good DJ’, ‘how to produce a good dance track’, ‘how to start your own label’ and ‘how to find a fitting label for your music’ to give examples.

Internet is a great but overwhelming source of information to teach yourself about these subjects. How do you seek out the best websites; which websites are good and which organisations are reliable? Of course you can learn a lot from video tutorials but it doesn’t provide personal support during the creative process.

Via her consultancy Electronic Music Advice, Esther can help you in a personal and direct manner with your DJ-ing and producing skills and when needed, provide practical advice on promoting your music.

Esther’s ambition to start Electronic Music Advice stems from a genuine wish to help others – a quality that characterises her. In the time before her professional music career, Esther worked as a nurse for almost nineteen years; a profession which focuses on taking care of others and personal interaction.

In her current profession in the music industry she learnt it’s very fulfilling to share her experience as a DJ, label manager and promotor. Meanwhile, Esther is a guest lecturer at Zadkine Pop Academy in Rotterdam where she teaches how to make a living as a DJ/producer. At times, she gives workshops at Red Bull Music Academy and Satellite Music.

Esther knows the ins and outs of Ableton, partly as a result of the Advanced Music Production course with Ableton Live she attended at Berklee Music in Boston. Furthermore, Esther is one of the jury members of a competition for Dutch dance music producers called Vinylized, an initiative of Foundation Grap.

So are you someone who has a thousand half-finished tracks  on your computer but you can’t tell what is good and what isn’t anymore? Are you experiencing difficulties in making a track sound exciting and vibrant, and do you miss guidance in arranging your music? Do you want to learn how to make your  interpretation of an existing track into a nice remix?

Electronic Music Advice is the place to be for all tips & tricks in making a good track in Ableton – from the basics to file management. It is also the consultancy which will give you advice on DJ-ing with Traktor, Rekordbox (with usb), CD’s and vinyl.

Furthermore, Electronic Music Advice can also advise you on which genre of music you make (is it techno or tech-house? Is it trance or progressive?) no matter what your music preference is. Lastly, it can advise you how to find a suitable label for your debut EP, or guide you with starting your own label.

From the more experienced to newbies; everybody can consult Electronic Music Advice.


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Estroe Studio:

Rodenrijsestraat 91b

3037NE Rotterdam

The Netherlands


+31 6 50628558



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